SF: A bit of Lower Nob Hill

7 Nov

I was staying in a beautiful one bedroom apartment in lower nob hill for a week while a couple of the company members were on vacation. I was “watching” the place, which in turn lead me to watch lots of Bravo, cook a pan-seared salmon with my lovely mother’s dill roasted potatoes, and make yummy eggs for breakfast. It was a dream to be able to cook again.

Outside of preparing my own meals, I did happen to catch 2 great places for breakfast. My boyfriend came to visit for the weekend and we indulged in some home-cooking from a dear chinese diner-type stop (sounds crazy) and a yummy local coffee-closet that supplied their customers with deliciously roasted beans and daily-changing breakfast eats of 3 or 4 bread toasted, cheese melted, gooey surprises.



As noted above, this place was a good, old-fashioned, tiny diner run by a Chinese family of 3 or 4. They had room for a square counter and 2 tables. Watching the family handwrite the checks, throw the eggs in multiple pans at a time, flip sausages, flap flapjacks, and take orders with speed and silence, made this place incredibly charming in a non-incredibly-charming way.



We ordered (verbatim): “2 Bacon Egg with two eggs & four bacons.” It was everything you would expect it to be: greasy, golden, and gosh-darn delicious. I believe our check for 2 breakfast plates and coffee came to $13. It was a great discovery and happened to be directly across the street. Hip Hip HOORAY!



The same day we indulged in the golden coffee shop, we walked around the neighborhood and found an awesome coffee standish stop, basically the size of a closet. It wasn’t until we walked in that we saw that the interior was reserved for the young hipster chefs and brewers of the beans that gave it the local, fresh, made with love charm.


We each got a delicious dark roast and enjoyed watching the others around us eat stunning pastries and brioche-brie-WHEATY-DAIRY delights. I wish there was a sarcasm button. 🙂



Golden Coffee Shop
901 Sutter Street
Lower Nob Hill
San Francisco, CA 94109

754 Post
Lower Nob Hill
San Francisco, CA 94109


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